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- We have two Homes now, for we are from two nations. One is in Accra, in Ghana, and the other one is in Berlin/Germany -
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Commercial Snail Farming In Ghana !
( Latin : Achatina, Achatina )

( A Very Small Investment - But Huge Profits ! )

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Welcome in Ghana - Welcome in West-Africa :

>>> All About Commerical Snail Farming - PDF Hier ! <<<

The famous Giant African Snail (Achatina Achatina) is of an excellent taste, and is not only very popular in Africa, but also greatly appreciated in : China, Asia, Europe, and the USA.

Snails of this size, need up to two years to grow, and sell in Accra for 5-7 Ghc a piece ...
If they are "medium" size (one year old), they sell for 1+ Ghc a piece, in the markets ...

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These African "achatina" snails are actually very cute :-)

The Giant African Snails are a great delicacy in all of Ghana, and all of West-Africa. They are being sold on markets, on the streets, and on road-sides. But in Accra, the capital of Ghana there is even a huge special market, only for snails. In the USA, in Florida, there were a few snails escaped, and they're a huge plaque over there now. ⇒ Click the movie about it here !

Another short cool video about this hot news breaking incident, you can see now beneath:

The African snails in USA have no natural enemies, as in Africa, so they increase like grazy!

>>> All About Commerical Snail Farming - PDF Hier ! <<<

Space Space Space Space See Here A Commercial Snail Farm: (This farm has a Stock of 12.000 Breeding Snails).

One snail will lay up to 250-350 eggs per season ! - So you see, we talk about big money here :)

To run a commercial snail farm, you need at least about 25.000 breeding snails ! - But let us now talk about the profits, in this fascinating hot business, for they are so unbelievable high. We' are talking about some millions of dollars here. This is a very serious business, with a great potential, and with almost no limits ...

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