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The Beauty Of "Organic" Mushroom Farming !

Organic Mushrooms

We here at "Obroni Farms," are using the same method, as they do in Russia, for our
own organic mushroom farming. It's called the "bag method." You grow them in bags.

Saw dust is being mixed with compost, and then filled in polyester bags. Then the bags
need to be sterlized, and the bags need a 3 month incubation time, before the spawns can be added. Then they are ready to go, and they can be sold local, or even abroad !

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When the spawn is added, then it takes only about 3 days, until the first harvesting can
finally start. One bag is producing up to three monthes of harvesting !! And harvest will
be all 2-3 days. It is quite a lot of mushroom harvesting. So it's also a very nice profit !

After harvesting the mushrooms are sold fresh (1 kg = 5 Ghc), or tried in sealed plastic
bags (55 gram = 2 Ghc). "Organic" mushrooms in packages like shown above, are also
ready for export abroad, at any time. "Organic mushroom" farming profits are huge ...

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